Friday, September 12, 2008

Slow Ride

Just had to share this ...

The car on the left is a recent acquirement ... it's a 1986 Toyota Corolla named "Yoda" ('cause when you're driving down the road, may the force be with you!). Yoda is good to go and has been serving as Zach's pizza delivery car (and my errand car when he's not using it, since it's an automatic and I can't drive a manual yet!). Gotta love that racing stripe ... haha. And the car on the right, of course, is Nigel the Sexy Subaru. Now all we need in the picture is the Jeep :(

For the moment, things are going well. Zach and I are both working our tooshies off to save money for the move to Montana in November. Oh! I haven't told you guys yet! We're officially moving to Bozeman, MT! Official as of ... yesterday? Schweet!

So in our off time, Zach is riding, I'm sewing, and Black Dog is whining to go outside. What else is new?