Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Battle Ends!

Good news folks! We finally found a place to park for the rest of the winter! We are outside of the shared Big Sky/Gallatin Gateway zoning which was what got us booted the first time around. We're also outside of the cellphone service range, so please keep that in mind when calling us! We have access to electricity, toilets and showers, and internet ... also there is a restaurant and bar within walking distance. The shuttle stop is farther away than we thought, but we can make it work. Just when we gave up on Big Sky, someone came through for us!

We've got a bunch of pictures to share, too. Enjoy!

 Our Charlie Brown tree

Zach just can't help himself!

Neither can Black Dog!

A Shop-Vac helps keep the bus MUCH cleaner


Zach made the bus into a snow fort before we had to move

Zach with long hair!!!

After a haircut

Zach went snowshoeing and found this old hunting camp

There was an old bottle opener hanging there ... 1960s era?

Nice view

Keeping guard

Sewing room under construction!

New carpet in the back ... sewing room in it's first stages

Free-skier parking lot at Big Sky Resort

Jade had lots of buddies up there

View from the bus

Burgers in the lot

Skier community

The "Powder Bandits" live in Bozeman but spend the weekend traveling to different ski areas

Our friends Elisa and Jake bought the rig in front of the bus and drove it out from Seattle!

Laundry fiasco!


Eamonn making a Valentine


View of Lone Peak from Moonlight Basin

Chain-up time!

She's ready for some snowy hills

Another nice view

Our new home (until the end of the season!)

That's all for now, folks!

Kelly and Zach

PS - Our road-trip to GA in mid- to late-April (and then to ME in July!) is still on ... if you have a place we can park or some work for us, let us know! Thanks!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Battle Continues ...

Here's the latest in the Battle of Big Sky! After two weeks in the free-skier parking lot, we were feeling pretty good about it all. Being within walking distance of the lifts sure is nice and we've had our friends Elisa and Jake from Seattle hanging out with us for the past several days. Bluebird days and yummy potlucks had our spirits high! However, yesterday was not a good day and we have been asked to move again.

We weren't sure how long we could stay in this spot ... now we know. Zach is trying to meet with important folks at the resort right now to see if we could work something out. Our only other option is going over to Moonlight, but that's not a permanent solution either. We're out of options here after this. Zach's job requires cellphone service, I need access to the shuttle, our big rig can't hide like some of the smaller ones, and we can't forget about that local ordinace! It seems like Big Sky has turned on us and we're starting to think about our next move.

It's easy to get frustrated about all of this, but I've come to realize that it's not neccessary. We knew from the start that this lifestyle wouldn't be accepted by everyone out there and that we would run into situations like this. The upsides are that our house moves and if one place doesn't work out then maybe the next one will!

Staying positive, overcoming adversity ...


Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Location ... So Far, So Good!

As you know by now, we've been asked to relocate. At first it was a pretty big blow, but after a week it's become a blessing in disguise. We are now parked almost slope-side on the mountain and can walk to the lifts! We don't have as much privacy, but that's a fair trade for a free parking spot. From what we hear, we won't be bothered unless we're being a nuisance ... that includes moving every few days so that the plow guys can keep the parking lot looking nice. We're a big rig and hope that we can pull this one off for the next two and a half months!

We look forward to the rest of an already great season and are learning from our respective NOLS courses daily by "overcoming adversity" ... remember that one? All forward!