Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Coastal Maine

We've made it! We're in Maine visiting with Zach's family and it's good to be back. We don't eat seafood anywhere other than RIGHT ON the coast and since we're here, we've been taking advantage of it! We've decided to stay in Maine for the summer and are in the process of finding work and a place to park. OH! And we've made a HUGE addition to the bus ... something we've been wanting to do for a while ... was inspired by rafting buses ... A DECK ON THE ROOF! It's done and looks AWESOME! I've only got an in-the-works picture at the moment, but you will definitely get the idea. YAY! Time for cocktails on the terrace ...


Our house / in the middle of the [interstate] ... SCARY!

This mama duck had 17 ducklings following her around in Virginia!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Halfway and On the Move!

HELLOOOOOOO! We are in Northern Virginia and headed north! We just spent two weeks spending time with and doing yardwork for my family in Montgomery, AL and Griffin, GA and then a week and a half at the Nantahala River in NC with my dad! We've been paddling, hiking, and mountain biking our brains out! (And of course it was good to see family and friends!). We vended at the annual "Strawberry Jam" in Bryson City, NC but didn't sell too much. That's okay 'cause Liz and AJ came by and spent most of the afternoon with us!!! Zach got a GREAT haircut and we ate more strawberries than our bellies could probably hold.

We were hoping to hike in the Shenandoahs tomorrow but we're going to get rained out. So we'll hit the road early and mosey onward toward Maine! We're not taking too many pictures but are still posting a couple of the ones we have.

We're having fun, playing hard, and eating good. The road is treating us well and folks are either super excited about what we're doing or too scared to look. HAHA! Strangers can be so strange!

More to come soon!


Outside of NOLS Rocky Mountain Branch in Lander, WY

Free campsite along the river in southeastern WY


Zach behind the barn in Montgomery, AL