Saturday, August 29, 2009

New Paint Job!

Well, we've got a BIG posting for you guys ... lots of pictures ... enjoy!

(Please note that we load the pictures smaller on purpose. We know it takes a lot of time to load them if you're not on a fast connection and we want everyone to have a chance to see them! If you would like to see the photos larger, simply click on the picture and VOILA! Thanks!)

First road trip with the tow-behind vehicle

Death of a slackline

Splat ...

Zach and mom, Brenda, inside a redwood tree

Taller than buildings!

Tree hugging

Brenda enjoys a view from the bench in Remembrance Cove

Group shot! (We exchanged with a foreign couple ... heehee)

Taking a peek at the Wall of Sound


Now it's red ...

NEW RUG!!! (Please excuse our mess ... we had just got back from town with groceries!)

Gearing up ...

Zach moving our little vegetable garden

Does this look like a guitar to you?



(Can you see us?!?)

Kelly's daily walk to work, part one

part two

part three

part four

part five, the conclusion (this is the view from my building!)

It took us TEN HOURS to tape, sand, clean, and paint the bus and a couple of hours the next day to finish up a couple of things. Since we painted it with a brush (airbrushing would have been SOOO expensive) we'll have to go back and fix a couple of spots. We used a Rustoleum-type industrial paint and so far so good! We're heading to town on Monday to get a tire replaced and fill up the gas tank ... we're already getting ready for our trip back to Montana! We plan to leave here after the first week of October. We really wanted to make a road trip out of it but may have to just take our time on the straight road back. Oh well! We definitely have a place to park the bus this winter and Zach has a job that he will be returning to when we get back. I'm not sure what I'm going to do just yet. We've got some major winterizing to do before the snows hit, so that will keep us busy once we start getting those good paychecks again. Until then, we'll simply enjoy the beautiful lake right outside and get the most we can out of the upcoming fall season!

Kelly and Zach

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Hey everybody! It's been a little while since we've posted anything, so I just wanted to say a few things really quick.

Zach's mom came into town for a week (by train from Maine!!!) ... we went to the California coast and saw the redwoods ... also took a boat out on the lake and a bald eagle flew right over our heads as we were swimming ... it was a wonderful visit and we're so glad she made it back safely! (We'll post pictures soon!).

I just got back from a tour 'round the Southeast ... went to NC and TN to see my extended river families (lots of good beer drinkin', lots of rafting (even a run at 2am!), a mountain bike ride at Tsali) ... spent time in GA and AL visiting with family and ate LOTS and LOTS of REALLY good food! ... airline forgot my luggage in Baltimore during my journey back to OR, but they were really nice and actually brought it to me at work the next day!

My Dad flew up to Maine this past Monday and is hiking up to Katahdin today ... he starts the Appalachian Trail heading south tomorrow! Send him good vibes everybody! I'll keep you updated on his progress ...

My mom gave us a new memory card for the camera (THANKS MOM!), and hopefully we'll be adding more pictures now that we can actually take them.

Whew, whirlwind update ... we'll write more soon.