Monday, November 29, 2010

Let It Snow!

Zach and I have made it to Jay Peak, Vermont and the past week has been spent getting settled in and working up at the resort. I'm in rentals; Zach is in the repair shop and the demo shop. It works out well because we work the same hours so we don't have another transportation nightmare like this past summer! The little town we're parked in is really nice: you can walk or bike where ever you need to go (small grocery store, yarn shop, ski shop, ATM, library, bar!) and the locals are friendly and helpful. The bus is in a small field behind the houses on Main Street, so Black Dog has some room to stretch her legs, play a round or two of Chuck-It, and socialize with the neighbors and their dogs when they walk around back here. Also cool, a Jay Peak employee shuttle right from our "yard" might be in the works, but that's just a rumor right now :)

We're "renting" from a family that owns all this land we're on and a house. They've been good to us and are actually leaving for the winter for Florida after Christmas. They are the only ones that can really see a lot of the bus (some others can see a little, but they've been really great about it and we don't think we'll have any trouble with them), so we're crossing our fingers that everyone is okay with us being here. We really don't want a repeat of last year ...

I DIG this town ... community garden, local farms, strong outdoor community, maple syrup! ... and of course so much more that we have yet to discover. Vermont is definitely one of my favorite places so far.

The mountain has limited terrain open, but that hasn't stopped Zach from finding some okay lines. I'm waiting for some intermediate trails to open so I don't go out and wreck myself on the first day!

I have no excuse for not having any pictures to share this time. Maybe I'll work on that this afternoon ...

Do your best snow dance for us!


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Vermont Bound!

Sorry for the lack of posts here lately ... I can't find the adapter that we use to put pictures from the camera on the computer!

It's official; we're heading to Vermont this month! Our destination is Jay Peak Resort and we've got jobs and multiple places to park. (Wow!) I can't believe winter is so close: it snowed here on Halloween and last night the low was in the teens! I had some carrots growing in a pot outside and the water in the soil is frozen solid. Poor things ... they didn't grow too well anyhow.

More to come soon!