Friday, January 29, 2010

The Battle of Big Sky

It's been a little while since we've posted ... my snowman has melted into oblivion by now! The winter is treating us well: we're staying plenty warm and got to ski some powder earlier this week. I'm working all over the place (one full-time job always burns me out, so I've got three part-time ones to keep me busy!) and Zach has been plowing a little bit here and there. Black Dog had a couple of seizures recently but all tests came back normal and so we're in a monitoring stage ... so far, so good!

I think the biggest thing to share is that WE GOT BOOTED FROM OUR WINTER PARKING SPOT! Mid-winter! It was hard enough to find a place to park here in the first place because of a town ordinance that restricts people from living in their cars or RV's or whatever in the town limits of Big Sky ... we had it made in the canyon because we were technically in another town. Our temporary plan now is to park on the mountain in the free skier parking lot until something happens or we find something else ... technically the Mountain Village is another county, so hopefully we won't have many problems.

Support alternative lifestyles!!!!!!!


PS - We're already saving for our trip east in the spring ... to GA in mid- to late-April, then Maine in July. If you have a place we can park or some work for us, please let us know. Thanks!