Saturday, January 3, 2009

Snow, Santa, and Such

"From here we can see your Tetons"

Our friend Ryan on a backcountry skiing trip in Jackson with Zach

Neighborhood all snowy

Dogs loving it

Black Dog is morphing into White Dog!

14 stockings all in a row (mine and Zach's are the ones on the far right)

Part One of our 17 foot tall Christmas tree

Part Two of our 17 foot tall Christmas tree

Howie and his Christmas morning bone
(he ended up unraveling the rawhide and just eating the good stuff inside)

"Can I PLEASE oh PLEASE take mine outside and bury it? PLEASE?"

A little Christmas morning brew in our favorite pint glasses (Gritty's on the left, Biere de Noel from Bozeman in the middle, Grand Teton Brewing on the right)

Our blurry Christmas picture.

View from our room

Happy New Year!

2008 was quite an adventure. Lots of good memories and things to remember! 2009 will be yet another year of adventure. Zach and I hope to buy and start converting our school bus, and we also plan to get hitched in October! Yeah! We'll continue to keep this blog updated as it all spans out.

Things are slowing down around here after the holidays. Christmas is one of the busiest times here in Big Sky, and the amount of people in the Hungry Moose has multiplied beyond comprehension. I imagine that it will calm down in the next week or so ... January is supposed to be really slow, with things picking up in February and staying steady until the end of the season. We'll find out!

Zach has been plowing a LOT of snow lately. Three inches is the magic number; he has to plow any designated driveway with this much snow in it. Sometimes he's out for 16 hours at a time, sometimes he can bust it out in less. We thought he was going to have to plow Christmas Day, but Mother Nature worked a miracle and held off the snow until that night.

I'm trying to sew as much as I can ... but it's hard! Between working full-time, learning how to ski, and sewing, I'm booked. Speaking of skiing, I got to go up a lift for the first time! I had a BLAST and can't wait to do it again. I also got a pair of cross-country skis from Zach and look forward to using them on the MANY cross-country skiing trails in the area.

Black Dog is a happy dog. She and Howie got more treats for Christmas than we know what to do with! We're rationing the treats and running them in the snow so they don't pack on a lot of extra weight. We're dealing with lots of new snow-related issues ... such as snowballs between the toes and under the belly. They're so tough to get out that last time we had to put Jade in the bathroom to thaw!

Elisa, a friend of Zach's from Maine, stopped by on her way through town and stayed for New Years Eve. It was good to see her and we wish her the best of luck at her new job in Seattle!

We miss all of you and hope you'll come visit ...

Kelly & Zach

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