Thursday, February 19, 2009

Deconstruction and Reconstruction

We've already put in many an hour on our newly beloved bus-o-la. We had to rip out the seats and overhead storage bins, take out the heaters (which involved WAY more anti-freeze than we wanted to deal with), sweep, and rip up the plywood and linoleum. So with a floor of sheet metal, we cleaned the crap out of it and removed any leftover nails, screws, rubber matting, and grime. Fun. But THEN! Today we got our 100 feet of insulation (which is a three layer system of two sheets of "bubble wrap" and a layer of reflective material; commonly used in floors in houses) and our grade C mahogany plywood. We laid down the insulation and Gorilla taped the seams (hey, it works as a weather barrier, too! and what would a house bus be without duct tape?!). Then we cut our plywood with our circular saw and fit them into place (with only a little convincing). It looks GREAT and tomorrows project is to cut out a piece of plywood to fit in the last spot in the front and screw everything down. We now have an insulated floor!

Zach and a Harlow's Bus Sales mechanic ripping out stuff


Pile of trash

Our bus was parked in the empty spot on the left

Our first truck stop ... aw

Our parking spot

Doesn't get much better than this!

Bitch work (ripping out the floor)

I need a beer ...

Will it ever be over with?



First hardware installation

Make-shift workbench

Out of duct tape! Better get more ... LOTS more!

Poor man's caulking

Which way did he go?

Theme of the day

Almost ... there ...


Tomorrow's project

More to come ...

Kelly and Zach

Next: framing

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