Monday, May 18, 2009

Remember Dial-Up?

HELLO FROM OREGON! We made it in one piece! After following the Oregon Trail for many, many miles, we arrived at the campground on Thursday and started working on Saturday ("work" consisting of running the office, cleaning cabins after folks leave, yardwork, etc.). The owners Jim and Babe gave us a great parking spot right off the creek and away from other campers. Black Dog loves going swimming every day and Zach and I love being able to ride our bikes again. We've got views of Mount McLoughlin from our site and are surrounded by creeks, lakes, wilderness areas, national forests and parks, and state forests and parks. The weather has been nice and sunny!

We don't get wireless or high speed internet out here, but we do have access to a computer on dial-up. Posts with pictures will be a little farther and fewer between ... we plan on updating more so when we go to town. That and we need another memory card!

We just bought a cheap car and hope to have it road worthy soon. I'll let Zach tell you more about THAT one ... hahaha.

Until next time ...




Anonymous said...

Glad to see you made it ya long-haired tree-huggin Hippiez!!


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you made it ya long-haired tree-huggin hippiez!!

Diane said...

Hello Kelly and Zach,
It is so wonderful to hear about your continuing adventures across the North American continent. You two just keep brightening up the days of those who know you!

We are moving out of Georgia in July to New Hampshire and are looking forward to reuniting with our Maine college friends, paddling around our old stomping grounds (Allagash, Penobscot, Kennebec, Dead river...Grand Lake Matagamon and its tributaries... and planning to paddle the Northern Rivers canoe trail).
We also plan to hook up with your Dad on the Appalachian trail!!

Take care and keep on enjoying life! Lots of love, Diane and Andy

Alicia said...

Hi Kelly, Zach and black dog,

This is Alicia....I am married to Kev, who visited you last night. I am sad that I didn't get a chance to meet Kelly, before y'all shoved off to your next adventure. Please travel safe, and it was really fun riding with Zack and getting to know him.

Kev said you are such a loving, happy couple. :)

Keep it real, and stay safe.