Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Olympic National Park ...

More pictures to share ... if we don't keep up with posting them as we go, then we'll drown under all of them! We drove up the west side of Olympic NP and hit up the coast and the Hoh Rainforest, then around to the north side of the park and hiked up to some natural hot springs and Hurricane Hill. We then putted around Seattle to meet up with our friends Elisa and Jake (so glad you guys came out!!!) and now we're just east of the Cascades. We'll probably be in Spokane tomorrow or Friday ...

Coastal rainforest campground

Mmmm ... old growth and moss

Washington produce stand! All this and a fillet of wild-caught pink salmon for $25!

  Hiking in the Hoh Rainforest

Hoh River

More Hoh

There was a nice waterfall up the creek but the picture didn't turn out

We have never seen more wild mushrooms in our lives!

Primate in a Pro-tec: A Raft Guide in its Truest Form

Salmon Falls on the Sol Duc River

The colors of the rock reminds me of the Chattooga

See any salmon? (Me either)

Happy to be here!

I love this man!

Sittin' on a stump

Lake Crescent from Hwy 101

On top of Hurricane Hill looking east ...

... looking north at Canada and the Strait ...

... looking south at Mount Olympus, who was shy that morning...

(Me too! Me too!)

Inverter issues

Lazy lookout

Free campsite!

We stayed three nights here: the price was right and the view stunning!

It's been getting colder every night ... we got a little snow two days ago!

Olympic was incredibly beautiful and all the leaves were changing when we left. I love the fall! The only negative thing we can say about it was that Black Dog couldn't go hiking with us (no dogs allowed on trails in National Parks), but we understand and made sure to take her on walks around the campgrounds when we came home.

The next set of pictures will come after we've explored Glacier National Park, so be on the lookout in another week or so! We'll eat a fresh, crisp, sweet Washington apple for you while we're here!

Kelly and Zach

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