Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pray for SNOW!

It's the off season here and it seems like the mountain will never open. Zach is on call now, so really all we're waiting on is the snow! SNOW DARNIT!

The bus is still not winter ready ... we have to insulate it some more, but we know that once the ceiling is better insulated it will hold the heat longer. We still need to put up some skirting and insulate the water tanks and pipes, too. Between the wood stove, the furnace, and the insualtion, we should stay warm this winter! The folks in town are all looking out for us, too. We appreciate this little community and are looking forward to another ski season here.

Zach, Black Dog, and I have been playing disc golf in the snow this last week (which can be a little difficult!) and are watching lots of movies to pass time at night. I just signed up for a craft market the second week in December, so I'm going to be making lots of Montana-themed holiday gifts for folks to buy! I'm also learning how to drive the green Subaru (finally, I'm told), so that's pretty exciting. Zach is waiting for another good storm so he can go ski in the backcountry ... all we're doing right now is waiting! But the mountain opens on Thanksgoving and we both will have our passes on opening day, so when Nov. 26th rolls around, no more waiting! Only skiiing! Skiiiiiiiing!

Thank you all for your kind comments and for your interest in what we're doing. We appreciate all of you!

(And BrYan, you're totally right ... we're nuts!)

Kelly and Zach

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