Thursday, April 8, 2010

Reflections and Renewal

“It is a great time of renewal and new beginnings, when life rises refreshed from its sleep through winter’s dark.”

This past weekend was the annual celebration of life returning! Winter reflection is over and a new season has dawned. While still cold and snowy, the signs are showing even in the tall mountains of southwestern Montana. There are tiny plants emerging from the still somewhat frozen soil. Songbirds can be heard in the trees by the river. Days are getting longer and warmer!

What a strange winter we just had. After arriving in late October when temperatures are generally still tolerable, they suddenly plummeted to forty below. The town enjoyed a great opening day on Thanksgiving and had high hopes for the season. However, February began with unseasonably warm temperatures that continued for a month or more. The snow base deteriorated and the town of Big Sky became a mud pit much sooner than expected. Since then, the days have been alternating between warm and cold; slush and ice are constant companions now and will be around until June. They say there are two seasons here: winter and not-winter.

We got to see some good shows this season … the Hooligans (Grateful Dead cover band from Bozeman), the Lee Boys (which we’re hoping to see again in May in GA), and Sweatshop Union. My dad came to visit in late February and we went hiking, snowshoeing, snowmobiling in West Yellowstone, and skiing (we’re still awaiting pictures!). We got in some good time on the hill, drank good beer (the only kind we drink!), made some friends, and had friends come visit. We thought “this town ain’t got no heart” when we were booted mid-winter and thought we might have to quit our jobs and drive on, but a kind heart came to our rescue and we got to stay. It was a good season and we will miss this town when we leave.

Now it’s time to look forward! There are so many adventures that await us! Spring and summer bring mountain biking, hiking, paddling, swimming, hammocks, disc golf, cookouts, farmers markets, summer festivals, and harvests from our currently sprouting vegetable plants. I’m ready to put on my Chacos and go wade in a creek with Zach and the Black Dog!

We have decided after much discussion and planning that we are going to embark on our upcoming journey with no plans or time frames. We will stop where we want and when we want, and if we need to work then we will stop somewhere and do so. Many things are possible when your home is on wheels!

Heading out Wednesday, April 14th! ALL FORWARD!


 Bus in a spring snowstorm ... bike rack under cover

Neighboring cabin on the river

Love that split-rail fencing

How can you say no?!

Zucchini getting started

Zucchini going nuts!

Lots o' lettuce


Andrea said...

Hey guys! Finally I check out your blog. What you are doing is just awesome. Love the pics, and your plant starts look really good! I have a few and I'm working on my garden. I've been staying on my Grandma's farm in northeast's woodsy, hilly and in the middle of nowhere so of course I love it (and it has a pond!). And of course if you go through IA you can park here. Happy trails!

Anonymous said...

Thinking of the two of you today. I am a HUGE house of a pregnant lady!! I am sending you all my love as you head out on your travels this summer!! I am very excited to see Zach this summer...make sure you keep me posted on a specific date when you will be back west. I will let you know when I will have this baby...if I ever do! Can't wait to have a beer with you brother!! (Someday Kelly!) Drive safe and get lost!!!