Friday, April 15, 2011


Well! You wouldn't know it because we haven't posted anything since November, but it's been a good season here at Jay Peak and it comes to an end for us this weekend. May will see us moving to be near the mountain biking mecca known as the Kingdom Trails. And YES! We will be in the SAME state! Hahaa ... my grandmother always forgets where we are because we move so much, so this will make it a little easier for those of you still tracking our adventures. At least until fall, when we will head back out west for another ski season.

We have some stories, pictures, and videos to add ... I will try to do that once work ends.

Happy Spring!

Kelly, Zach, and Black Dog


Anonymous said...

Missing you!
can't wait to see pictures!
Aunt Viki

Anonymous said...

Hi You guy's,
Love the blog! Had a great time at Jay skiing with ya. Hope the NEK is just as cool as that little town down 242. We think you'll find it to your liken. We may just get up that way this summer and if we do we may have some work for Kelly. Sewing projects for truck camper.

Best Regards
Jeff & Sue
SJMOELLER2000 at yahoo Dot com

Ps. Drop use a line if you want.
Pss Hi to black Dog

Anonymous said...

Okay now I get it....Kind dumb with
tech stuff......