Thursday, November 3, 2011

Telluride, CO!

We've arrived in Telluride, CO for the winter! Took us five days exactly, with a stop in Glenwood Springs to see our friends Bobbi and Chase. No troubles on the road, especially since we weren't towing a car. It was quite difficult finding a place to park the bus once we got here ... did you know that you can't burn wood in Telluride town limits (research air quality circa Telluride mining days)? There is a permit available, but guess how much? $75,000 annually! Wow. So anyway, we found a place and are getting settled in ... Zach started his first day of work today, we got some snow a couple of days ago, and this town is pretty sweet! We'll miss all our friends in Vermont, but MAN am I excited to get to skiing out here!!!

Okay, GOT to share this. He was 20 ft from the bus in VT ...
my SECOND black bear this summer!

YES we are getting pulled over! Why am I laughing? Because the cop was more curious than anything else ... he chatted with us for like 10 minutes at this PA exit! Hahahaa!

Traffic in Chicago ... we kept hitting cities at rush hour ... oops ...

Drive 'til it's dark

Where's the bus?

Obligatory deck shot

Eisenhower Tunnel in CO! (REALLY long!)

I-70 through the Front Range

View from up top

10 min. to Vail Pass

RED DIRT? Thought I left GA behind ... (San Juan Mtns)

Valley two miles before Telluride

Frame worthy!

Our winter parking spot ... (I'm standing with my back against the bus)

It must be winter again!

Sunshine here, snow across the road (view from other side of the bus)

Well I know you all want to see pictures of the town, but people take pictures all the time of it and you can just search Telluride photos and see all you need to see! (NOT GOOGLE, try to support the charity of your choice!) It's a really cool place!

OH, and I must not forget to share that the bus has FINALLY been named! 2.5 years after we bought and converted it, our home on wheels is now called "Homer"! Get it? Home? Homer? Hahaa ... that and Homer wrote two of the most epic adventures of all time (The Odyssey and The Iliad) ... and also Homer is the patriarch of our favorite animated family. Hahahaaa ...

More to come as the winter progresses!


PS - I cut my dreads off! It was time; I had them for almost FIVE YEARS ... it's so nice to not have them pulling on my neck all the time anymore. Here are a couple of goodbye photos ...

And now ...
Me with my mom and sister in Georgia


Terra said...

Hey you guys. Telluride for the winter...sweet! Looks like you've landed another amazing place to park Homer.

Kelly, you look great!

Give each other a hug from me,

Anna said...

Hello from Montana!!

Telluride is such an amazing town! I used to work the bluegrass festival every guys should try to stick around for the summer too. The terrain is nothing short of (for lack of a better word) sick! I hope you have an amazing winter! Welcome back out west! Hope we can reconnect while your out this way again. Any plans to head up here to get Zach's car? Keep me posted. I periodically try his phone and it never works. My email is the same but in case you don't have it...
Stay warm!