Monday, August 11, 2008

Sunrise and Thoughts

(Hey bikers ... see anything wrong with this picture? Heehee!)

Sunrise over Rockport Harbor

Just a few new pictures to share. We couldn't go to sleep Saturday night, so we got out of bed super early and watched the sun rise over the Rockport Harbor (which was once home to Andre the seal!). It was beautiful and peaceful.

The reason we couldn't go to sleep was because Zach had a mountain bike race on Sunday (the first since he raced in high school!). I went along for support ... let me just say that he did really well and looked great out there! He finished first in his age group and fourth overall in the sport division!

So today finds us in the library looking up ski hills out west. Gotta jump on something soon if we want to go somewhere good! I think the plan is to head that way end of October/early November. It's adventures like these that really make me wish for a housebus/housetruck. Someday!

That's all for now!

Kelly & Zach

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