Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Zach's Ski Chairs

Zach's been hard at work in his workshop ... making a SKI CHAIR! This thing is even better in person. It's made entirely out of old skis, and the foot rest to match! (And he'll make you one if you ask him nicely!)

The Maine rain (sorry, couldn't help myself!) finally let up a little today, but the weather is supposed to jump right back in to being overcast and rainy for the next week. It's a bummer if you need to cut your grass, but it's not stopping us! Zach is out mountain biking right now ... getting ready for a race this weekend. (And he's now riding for Team Bikesenjava!) I'm really proud of him and I can't wait to watch this Saturday!

By the way, our boy Zach had his 23rd birthday last week. We pulled out all the stops, even eating our cake and ice cream before dinner! Haha, but really. We did. We're bad like that.


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