Thursday, March 26, 2009


Zach pointed out to me that I forgot to add a picture of the fireplace. You can see it in the bottom corner of one of the pictures I posted, but the damn thing is so awesome that it deserves it's own picture.

WE HAVE TAGS! Zach and I drove into Bozeman today to register the bus and got its Montana license plates. Pretty exciting.

Zach has discovered a pile of scrap 2x4's that have that vintage barn look to them. We're using them in the bus and it's looking pretty cool. Also got a wood box built so we don't have to go outside every time we need to add to the fire. It looks really good and already has a handful of logs in it.

The way things are going, we'll only need a little more to get the bus in living condition. The plan is:

-Lay thin wood paneling on the ceiling. This would cover the millions of holes in the original sheet metal as well as screw holes from the shelves that were in it as an activity bus. And it would look freaking schweet.
-Run our wiring for electricity.
-Acquire propane hoses and a propane tank for the kitchen stove and fridge.
-Acquire water hoses, hot water heater, and put it all together.
-Build our bed.
-Insure it.

I think that was all ... that's some pretty basic stuff that (hopefully) won't take long. We've got two months until our lease is up here, which means that the days 'til we move into the bus are limited! Yeah! Aren't sure exactly where we'll be this summer, but we plan to continue our building and blogging!

Kelly and Zach

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