Thursday, April 16, 2009

Brick by brick

Power power! Yes we have power now with lights and outlets. Last week I took my first stab at home electric and did not get sapped, few! The power system is rigged for power coming from a city grid, YUCK! but not for long its wired so that putting in our solar system will be not that much of a nightmare.

Here is our diner table light that I got at a local hardware store. The lady their just about jumped into the rafters when I told her what we are doing with it.
Our range is all plumbed for the propane that is under the bus, and we are already cooking on it! the fridge is running, but I caught it an threw it back in!

The book shelf, it will soon have led lights under it that should look nice and they draw very few watts.

Our bed with our water tank under it, witch we will be plumbing here some time soon. The tank will have a tank heater and so will the lines, the benefit of us having the water system inside the bus will be so that we can keep it from freezing, an it will be easy to access the lines and pump inside the bus.

More pics to come.

- Zach

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bgerry said...

I really love the light and the built ins around the stove area as well as bookshelves!!!!!!! Mom x0x0x