Monday, April 27, 2009

Two weeks notice

Closer and closer each day, we are within two weeks now of truckin' on down the road!
we have done lots we now have a work bench on the out side of the bus, and Hardwood flooring as well as running water!


August Cary said...

Your bus/house looks awesome, and it's quite inspiring as well. Makes me wanna do something wild! You are gonna have the most amazing trip (but you already know that). Zach-- this is the bus I was telling you about in Summit--
This is going to be a cool bus, too. Happy trails.

G. Andrews said...

Hi Kelly and Zach, Smart traveling!
We circled the U.S. by RV, yours looks more interesting & practical.

I am a solar electric systems installer out of Barnesville (we've built several total solar electric home systems in GA. I would like to help you get your PV system started...I will donote my time to design to you wishes if you get components and advertise our info on bus, interested?

Have a safe trip home to GA!

George Andrews, PV consultant
founder of SOLAR SOURCE of Georgia