Saturday, July 18, 2009

Scoop Magazine!

Hi everybody! Some of you are checking this blog out because you saw an article in Griffin, Georgia's "Scoop Magazine" ... welcome and thanks for your interest! Zach and I have been living in the bus since May and we are super excited that we've already drummed up so much excitement about what we're doing. This has been an experience of a lifetime ... every day is a new chance to do something out-of-the-box and extraordinary! We welcome any questions or comments and hope that we might inspire you to step off the beaten path and realize your dreams, too. It CAN happen!

If you haven't seen the magazine, an online version is on its way and I will post a link when it's ready.

Happy Saturday!

Kelly Nicholson (aka Kelly Bozeman ... heehee :)


Anonymous said...

Hey! It's Dusty (formerly Mrs. Landreth :-) I read your article in Scoop. SO proud and happy for you! Oh what FUN you must be having! Enjoy and a ton of blessings to you both.

vikibozeman said...

We love and miss you!
Do you have a way of giving us an address that we can use if we wanna send you something??
Aunt Viki