Saturday, September 26, 2009

All Forward!

Well, it's Saturday and we leave on Monday! This may be the last time we update before we hit the road. We have a semi-set route (anything can change!) and it goes a little something like this:

From Lake of the Woods, head to the Oregon Coast. Drive up the coast to Cannon Beach and Astoria (Goonies!), then around to Portland.  From Portland, cruise up to Olympic National Park and Seattle, then off to Spokane, Glacier National Park, and back down to Big Sky! (Plus lots of potential side trips!)

If you're going to be anywhere close to any of those places during the coming month, we'd love to stop by and say hello :)


I thought I'd post some more pictures of life at the lake before we say farewell ...

Bus outside of Klamath Falls

Our awesomely shaded parking spot

Hollow logs

Zach installing our new power inverter (we can run on batteries now! another step closer to solar!)

Hearty tomato plants!

Zach cooking with our tomato bounty

Jade loves sticks (and I love taking funny pictures of her!)

Cool building built by the CCC in the 30's

Chasing and digging

That's not a dog, it's an ostrich!

Wednesday Night Ride comes to Lake of the Woods! (We really enjoyed having you guys!)

Morning after

Couldn't do this without him :)

There's some fungus among us

We'll be sure to post while we're on the road ...

'Til next time!

Kelly and Zach

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