Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Battle Continues ...

Here's the latest in the Battle of Big Sky! After two weeks in the free-skier parking lot, we were feeling pretty good about it all. Being within walking distance of the lifts sure is nice and we've had our friends Elisa and Jake from Seattle hanging out with us for the past several days. Bluebird days and yummy potlucks had our spirits high! However, yesterday was not a good day and we have been asked to move again.

We weren't sure how long we could stay in this spot ... now we know. Zach is trying to meet with important folks at the resort right now to see if we could work something out. Our only other option is going over to Moonlight, but that's not a permanent solution either. We're out of options here after this. Zach's job requires cellphone service, I need access to the shuttle, our big rig can't hide like some of the smaller ones, and we can't forget about that local ordinace! It seems like Big Sky has turned on us and we're starting to think about our next move.

It's easy to get frustrated about all of this, but I've come to realize that it's not neccessary. We knew from the start that this lifestyle wouldn't be accepted by everyone out there and that we would run into situations like this. The upsides are that our house moves and if one place doesn't work out then maybe the next one will!

Staying positive, overcoming adversity ...



Nomad said...

What is the local ordinance there?

Kelly and Zach said...

The town of Big Sky does not allow folks to live in RVs, cars, buses, etc. within the town limits ... where we were was shared zoning between Big Sky and Gallatin Gateway and so we had to move outside the limits.

Nomad said...

What is the Big Sky definition of living in said vehicles?

Often there are ways of living legally under the restrictions, if you can find a way of complying with them.

In Colorado Springs for example, you are only allowed to park an RV in one place for up to 24 hours. They do not specify how far you have to move every 24 hours. Some people there move around the corner and then move back again the next day and they are complying with the 24 hour rule.

While that might seem like a hassle, the up shot is that the vehicle is always maintained in a manner that they can travel anywhere, anytime, without having to pack stuff away for travel.