Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Location ... So Far, So Good!

As you know by now, we've been asked to relocate. At first it was a pretty big blow, but after a week it's become a blessing in disguise. We are now parked almost slope-side on the mountain and can walk to the lifts! We don't have as much privacy, but that's a fair trade for a free parking spot. From what we hear, we won't be bothered unless we're being a nuisance ... that includes moving every few days so that the plow guys can keep the parking lot looking nice. We're a big rig and hope that we can pull this one off for the next two and a half months!

We look forward to the rest of an already great season and are learning from our respective NOLS courses daily by "overcoming adversity" ... remember that one? All forward!


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