Tuesday, June 22, 2010


YAY! We finally have a crapper and a shower!!! It's so bright and nice that I almost don't want to poop in there ... almost. Our toilet is nothing but a 5-gallon bucket whose contents are emptied into a compost bin when full. We layer deposits with local wood chips and it helps any smell from developing. No black water tank for us! (Gross!) The shower is a fiberglass sit-down RV shower base that we snagged from an old RV for $20. It's not hooked up yet, but it will be SO nice when it is. Zach has made this new addition look beautiful with tongue and groove paneling and wood panels from a neighbor down the street. Neighbor Dave is quite the man ... he has a herd of cattle, vegetable gardens, a sawmill that cuts up the harvested lumber from his "backyard", and a 1959 MCI bus conversion! He stopped by our bus one afternoon and climbed up onto our new roof; he got a kick out of us being here and has offered us any help that we might need! 

We're enjoying being in our small coastal town. There's the waterfront with restaurants, art galleries, unique shops, the local co-op, and a "green general store". I've seen loons and harbor seals in the harbor and Black Dog has found the biggest puddle, ever. I'm working on a local farm and Zach is in job limbo. The container garden is great and growing!

Here are some recent pictures. Happy Summer Solstice!

New bathroom!

 Zach testing out the shower seat

A bit of bathroom humor

"Eight Ball" Zucchini (Popi's got me beat!)

Snap peas

Lobster in the pot!

View from nice campground near Acadia National Park

Yes, that is a tent on the deck! The loons sang us to sleep that night ...

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Elisa said...

Whoot!! Happy FALL!! I am so glad I found your blog address!! Jake is making 6 squash pies to take to a party and I saw your blog address on it, which I am saving so I can follow. A bathroom and a deck in a cozy home that takes you places. You two are livin' the life! Snow is starting to fall in the mountains here. I'd love to come back to visit you in Maine!!