Wednesday, September 22, 2010

In Loving Memory

Tom "Popi" Perdue
10/17/1932 - 09/23/2010

Tomorrow marks one month since my grandfather passed away. It will also be the first full day of fall, which is my favorite time of year and the beginning of the end for summer harvests. In my mind, his memory will forever be entwined with gardening. Popi was a gardener, fisherman, politician, writer, lover of hummingbirds, carpenter and handy-man, among so many other things. He also had a hell of a stubborn streak, and I know for a fact that I inherited it. Popi courageously fought his illness for several years and stayed strong for all of us as well as for himself. I miss him very much and hope that one day I can grow tomato plants as big as he could!

Popi would be tickled pink to see his picture on this blog. He was an avid follower, checking the weather where ever we were to make sure we were staying warm. I didn't make as many updates this summer as I meant to ... I will be posting a large update soon and will add it to this posting in his honor.

Happy Fall Equinox!


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